Training philosophy

Maria has focused on training horses and coaching riders after she finished her competition career. She trains from basic levels all the way  to Grand Prix.

The biomechanics of a horse and a rider are very important in Maria’s riding. The main focus in training of the horse is that the mind and body stay sound the whole life through. She wants the horses neck to be free for the horse to keep the whole body supple. Maria works a lot on the basics as everything is dependent on the quality of the basics.

Maria riding and coaching always begins with working on the proper straightness, balance and rhythm of the horse. These are key factors in the relaxation and wellbeing of the horse. Maria is skilled in riding horses and teaching her students to reach these important things by riding with the seat.

The horse’s Maria has trained have been able to do the high level exercises without tension through their whole life. Relicario (“Rici”) is her old competition horse and he is born in 1999. Rici still works as a school master for Maria’s clients in Portugal and he is in perfect shape. This proves that Maria’s way of training emphasizes the horses wellfare.

Listening to the hOrse

Maria’s way of coaching is soft and she understands the horse’s. Every horse has their own character, background, natural balance, power and conformation. She plans exercises according to the mental and physical capacity of the horse. Her goal is to help the horse to find relaxation and their own balance which makes the exercises easy. Maria trains riders to use their seat efficiently with quiet hands.

Maria’s versatile experience in horse training and riding in Finland, Switzerland, Germany and Portugal has given her a wide toolbox with many different exercises. She aims for good quality and horse friendly solutions concerning stiffness, willingness issues or inexperience. Maria is skilled in finding and solving horses weaknesses with different techniques and suppling exercises. Nothing is impossible as long as we find the right exercise for the horse and rider.